Perdea PVC Normala + 50 grade Celsius

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Normal PVC strip: Quality, Technical details!
Density DIN 53479/A 1,21 g/cm³±0,03
Breaking point at low temp. DIN EN 1876-2 ca. -35°C
Use temperature min. 35.008/35.010 ca. -5°C
Use temperature max. 35.008/35.010 ca. +60°C
Water absorption DIN 53472 0,1-1 %
Elongation at break ISO 527 ≥360%
Tensile strenght at yield ISO 527 ≥18 MPa
Further tensile strenght DIN 53515 ≥ 5 N/mm
Flammability DIN 53382/DIN 4102/B2 normally inflammable B2
Edge fire behaviour DIN 53382/2/DIN 4102/B2 extinguish by itself
Fire behaviour DIN 53382/2/DIN 4102/B2 Neither burning or smoulder
Transparency   ≥80%
UV-stabilization   Reasen stabilized
Sound barrier DIN 52210 ca. 30 dBa
Hardness Shore A DIN 53505 77±3
Surface resistance IEC 93 ca. 6,5 x 10¹ºΩ
REACH conformity We confirm compliance with the Regulation 1272/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council of 16.12.2008

This certification is made by the DarTech , Based on the original certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer.

1 rola contine 50 m.
Calitatea I
Nu avem cantitate minima de comanda.

Materialul se poate utiliza in toate ramurile industriale pentru  realizarea de perdea din fasii pvc sau delimitari de spatii.

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